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Upcoming Events

  • 17/11/19 
    CKCSCQ Xmas Picnic  in the Park
    BDTC Sportsground
    15 Englefield Rd, Oxley

  • 27/11/19
    General Meeting
    Club Members Xmas Dinner
    Hotel Monier, 168-178 Monier Rd, Darra QLD 4076 

  • 22/01/20
    General Meeting
    CCCQ Sportsgrounds - 247 King Avenue, Durack

  • 26/02/20
    Annual General Meeting
    CCCQ Sportsgrounds - 247 King Avenue, Durack

  • 18/03/20
    Health Lecture
    CCCQ Sportsgrounds - 247 King Avenue, Durack

  • 4/07/20 & 5/07/20
    CKCSCQ Championship Show
    CCCQ Sportsgrounds - 247 King Avenue, Durack


Image Gallery




JUDGE: Mr N (Eddie) Edwards, (UK) ‘DELHAZE’


BEST IN SHOW/DCC: Matmor Jose Carreras  (AI) (M.Morse/W.Henderson)

RUNNER UP IN SHOW/BCC:  Ch Matmor Thrilled To Bits (M.Morse/W.Henderson)

RDCC: Sup. Ch  Matmor Colour Sergeant (M.Morse/W.Henderson/G &J Wilshier)

RBCC: Sup Ch Matmor In The Society Pages ((S.Wraith)

BABY PUPPY IN SHOW: Matmor Trade Secret (S.Wraith)

OPP. BABY PUPPY IN SHOW: Merseyport Wendy Darling (M.Madigan)

MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW: Blacktree Tangled Up In Blue (AJ Kleiniyz)

OPP. MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW: Daventri Secret Addiction (Daventri Kennels)

PUPPY IN SHOW: Kahleyvale Transcendence (C.Yates)

OPP. PUPPY IN SHOW: Merseyport Shirazade (M.Madigan)

JUNIOR IN SHOW: Elfking Some Like It Hot At Edenridge (C.Darwen)

OPP JUNIOR IN SHOW: Cavtown Time Is On My Side (E.Slingsby)

INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW: Sup Ch In The Society Pages (S.Wraith)

OPP INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW: Ch Matmor Society Heir (M.Morse/W.Henderson)

LIMIT IN SHOW: Matmor La Stupenda (AI) M.Morse/W.Henderson)

OPP. LIMIT IN SHOW: Blacktree Fortuna Tella (AJ Kleinitz)

STATE BRED IN SHOW: Cavtown Dawn Of Creation (E.Slingsby)

OPP.STATE BRED IN SHOW: Ch Parov In The Spotlight (L.Korving/R.Wilson)

AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW: Ch Matmor Thrilled To Bits (M.Morse/W.Henderson)

OPP. AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW: Sup Ch Matmor Colour Sergeant (M.Morse/W.Henderson/G&J Wilshier)

BRED BY EXH IN SHOW: Matmor Jose Carreras (AI) M.Morse/W.Henderson)

OPP. BRED BY EXH IN SHOW: Gr Ch Parov Jolie Femme (G&L Heyden)

OPEN IN SHOW: Sup Ch Matmor A Scandalous Affair (M.Morse/W.Henderson)

OPP. OPEN IN SHOW: Ch Matmor Socialite (M.Morse/W.Henderson)

BEST NEUTER IN SHOW: Belljari Frankie Kiss The Girl (A. Perry)

RUNNER UP NEUTER IN SHOW: Ch Parov Beau Geste (G&L Heyden)

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW: Ch Baileys N Ice (B.Gordon)



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